by Karen Morgia

The Carousel went round and round

It was such a beautiful sight.

The Carousel moved round and round

Its music broke the night.


My brother took me Topside

One dark, mysterious night.

He said, "Got something to show ya,

A most incredible sight."


We ran through the trees of the forest

To a building shuttered and dark,

A building of magical wonders

In the center of the Park.


All was silent and quiet

As Devin jimmied up the door.

"Come on," he urged in a whisper

As he slid underneath on the floor.


I followed my brother, Devin,

Into the silence of the place

When suddenly the lights came on

And a smile lit my face.


I climbed upon the largest horse,

A stallion prancing high;

I smiled at Devin breathlessly

And looked him in the eye.


The Carousel moved round and round

Its music broke the night

The Carousel went round and round

The feelings were so right.


The animals moved up and down

My imagination let me run

I closed my eyes and drank the sound

‘I’m running in the sun!’


The wind blew madly, wildly,

Through the tresses of my hair,

I held on tight with all my might

For dreams were waiting there.


I traveled through the Park ways

Out to the City streets,

Out into the countryside

Where’er my mind could reach.


I traveled over hilltops

Through verdant country dales,

Past castles on high mountains

Through valley’s misty vales.


I saw deserts with painted sands

And mountains topped with snow,

Forests full of giant trees,

And marshlands watery and low.


Where’er my mind could wander

My steed could take me there

Round and round throughout the night

The wind blowing through my hair.


It’s been many years since that adventure

And my brother was blamed for it all,

But I’d not change a moment of the venture

For I dreamed as I rode and saw it all.


The time has come to share the dreams

As I now have a son of my own

A boy who will grow into manhood

And have the world in which to roam.


The Carousel moves round and round

Its music breaks the night

The Carousel goes round and round

The feelings are so right.



Originally written by K.J. Morgia in April 1997. Submitted for the 1997 Beauty & the Beast International Convention. Accepted/published in the Conzine.