by Rosaura Wells

Dedicated to my wonderful new friend:
Rusty, thank you for sharing your light with me.

(Author’s note: Lyrics were extracted from “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, feat of Jonathan Groff.)

It was one of these special nights when soul seems to sing calling her mate. 

Catherine was reading… or trying to. She loved to read, but it just didn’t feel correct tonight, and words had been mixing into something without meaning…. She sighed softly, closed the book carefully, and left it on the bedside table. Nothing called her attention tonight… as Vincent would do.

Catherine smiled to his memory, feeling a little nostalgic. Long ago she had accepted the limitations of their living apart, the fact that Vincent was always far away, even when they were together. Just… today… it seemed to affect her too much. She wanted to see him, to hold him… even if it was all they could do, it would be enough… but he was too busy Below, and she didn’t want to apart him of his obligations: he had respected hers too much… even if his respectful distance just made her feel irritated right now.

Anger gave place to sadness. Catherine rose from her bed and walked slowly toward her tape recorder. It had been an absent inspiration, and she was startled to felt music relieving her anxiety.

She went to her balcony. It was her… their… special place… so there she could feel him close even now. 

She felt music asking sweetly. Even if the lyric wasn’t telling their story… this sadness… It was like her. Vaguely she started to sing what she was hearing.

“… Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming around…”

Since she had come back to him with the certainty that their love was worth everything, he had seemed to change… at little things… Sometimes she had been surprised by a hopeful gaze on his face… Once he had walked surrounding her small figure, letting her see his hungry gaze traveling her… She had had so much faith… But sometimes that new behavior seemed to be just in her imagination.

 Every now and then I get a little bit helpless and I'm lying like a child in your arms

Oh, God, how much she wanted to feel him embracing her like that. She embraced herself, just trying to keep warm. 

“… but then I see the look in your eyes…” The cry of glory made her smile; she understood it: she had seen his eyes shining… singing about his love… for her! 

It was enough of a blessing. Yet, her voice lifted with a wild demand. Even if he couldn’t hear it…

“… And I need you now tonight. And I need you more than ever…”

The rest of the chorus traveled in tears across her face. 

Their love was fighting against strong powers, and she was scared… Love won’t die, but the fight was hurting them both so badly…

“… Once upon a time there was light in my life, but now there's only love in the dark. Nothing I can say: a total eclipse of the heart…”

Turnaround, bright eyes

His words were merely a whisper, but they made her tremble. She should have known: he hadn’t needed his ears to hear her call, he had their bond. Her heart beat wildly while she obeyed his will. She couldn’t believe the way this incredible baritone’s voice was resounding inside of her: 

“… Every now and then I know you'll always be the only girl who wanted me the way that I am…” 

Amazement evaporated in music, where there was no shame, just his words… and suddenly she was answering to him:

“… Every now and then I know there's no one in the universe as magical and wondrous as you…”

She was beautiful and rich and everyone wanted her… as a trophy. Instead, he -that strong but romantic gentleman in front of her, who made her body tremble with his same presence- looked inside of her and he seemed to like what he saw there.

“… there's nothing any better…” she sang, repeating her certainty with new words.

“… and there's nothing I just wouldn't do” he whispered.

There was silence in music, while they looked each other.

“… If you'll only hold me tight we'll be holding on forever” she offered in soft but steady voice. “And we'll only be making it right cause we'll never be wrong together”.

His gaze was so puzzling… She would never know what he was thinking. If he just were to consider what she was saying…

“… I really need you tonight” she cried.

It was less than a second, but there everything changed: suddenly she could see it all in his eyes, crystal clear. 

“… Forever's gonna start tonight”-he promised-“Forever's gonna start tonight…”

It took some time for her to understand what had just happened. She walked toward him as slowly as fast her heart was beating. 

Sweetly, music dissolved into silence, leaving them alone.