Beauty & The Beast Reunion

by Edith L. Acker

Scene: It is dark. You see Catherine running from people. Then you go to the Catacombs & see Vincent feeling her fear, & to father next to him, in fathers study, & little Jacob which is now 2 years old crying in Vincents arms.

Vincent: No way, she is dead. (Looking at Jacob.) You feel her too, don't you? (Holding Jacob to father.) Father, take Jacob. I will explain later.

(Father took Jacob, & Vincent wen't running through the catacombs. Next we see Catherine still running tripping over a branch.)

Catherine: Stupid Branch. (She starts to get up, but falls in pain, as she has hurt her ankle.) Oh, wonderful. That is all I need. (The guy's with knives in hand, start to come, & stab Catherine.)

Jerald: We got you now Chandler, no escaping us...

(You hear Vincent's roar, & he comes out into the clearing.)

Vincent: ROAR. Leave her be, NOW.

Jerald: Take him men. 3 against 1.

(3 men attack Vincent. He starts throwing them against trees, & knocking them out.)

Jerald: You may have gotten my men, but you will never get me.

Vincent: (Grabs him, & starts to shred his clothes, but Catherine get's enough energy to get up, Putting her arms around him.)

Catherine: Vincent, Please, let the police handle him, please.

Vincent: (Feeling the gentleness in her, he longed for, for 2 years. Let him go.) Catherine, is it really you?

Catherine: Yes, Vincent. It is really me (Cringing in pain, she plopped down on the ground next to Vincent. Vincent took her in his arms, & kissed her passionately. When they let go.) I waited a long time for this moment. (Reaching up to carress his cheek.)

Vincent: Me, too. Your hurt. Let me take you to the lair, & take care of you.

Catherine: First we have to get Jerald, & his men...(She looks in Jerald's direction, seeing he is gone.) Oh, boy. We let him get away.

Vincent: Who is he, Catherine?

Catherine: A murderer.

Vincent: Where have you been, these last 2 years?

Catherine: I know you diserve an explanation. I was in the Witness Protection Program. Jerald is the one that caused me to be in there. I thought you were dead.

Vincent: (Putting a finger up to her lips.) Shh, We can get all the facts once we get to the lair. Father is probably going crazy wondering what happened. I just left him there.

Catherine: Oh, my. Let's go.


(Scene: It is later, & you see Father tending to Catherine's ankle, scrapes from the knives, trees, & twigs.)

Father: There you go Catherine.

Catherine: Thank you father.

Father: You are most welcome. I am glad to see you. We were told you were dead.

Catherine: Yeah, I know. I didn't wan't to put you through that. I am sorry. (Looking down, sobbing.) What about Vincent, & my baby.

Father: (Looking at the door seeing Vincent with Jacob in his arms.) I think you are going to get your answer now Catherine. I Will leave you alone. (He leaves.)

Catherine: (Looks at the site before her.) Oh, my gosh. He is adorable. Can I hold him, please?

Vincent: (Handing Jacob to her. Jacob recognizing the bond, goes to her.) My pleasure. He looks like you, Catherine.

Catherine: (Looking at Jacob, then back at Vincent.) He has your eye's. (Hugging Vincent, & Jacob.) What is his name?

Vincent: We named him after Father. His name is Jacob.

Jacob: Mama.

Catherine: He recognises me? (With tears in her eye's. Giving him a hug.) Vincent How?

Vincent: I think he has the bond with you as well. He felt the fear in you from the park as well.

Catherine: Oh, wow. That is wonderful. I wasn't expecting that.

Vincent: Neither were we. (Getting down on one knee. Holding her free hand.) Catherine, would you marry me?

Catherine: Yes, Vincent I will marry you. Just one problem. I am still in the Witness Protection Program.

Vincent: Well, is there anything we can do about that?

Catherine: Get Gerald, & put him to trial, & have him put away.

Vincent: (Getting up.) I will do anything to get you back. I missed you so much. & I don't think I could take losing you again. I don't think Jacob could either.

Jacob: Mommy not go. MOMMY NOT GO.

Catherine: (Laughing at Jacob.) Well, it's unanamus. Mommy not go. I guess we better get Jerald, & fast. Before they move me again.

Vincent: Yes. That's the Catherine I love.

Catherine: (Giving Vincent a kiss.) I love you, too, Vincent. I missed you so much.

Jacob: (Giving kissing sounds.) Me turn. ME TURN.

Catherine: Yes sweetheart. Your turn. (She gives him a kiss.) Come on. I wan't to take a stroll in these tunnels.

Vincent: How about seeing the painted hall. Elezabeth has added some paintings.

Catherine: Sounds good to me.


(Scene: You see Jacob, Vincent, & Catherine looking at paintings. They stop at one of Vincent holding a baby.)

Catherine: (Touching the Painting.) Jacob?

Vincent: Yes. Elezabeth done it shortly after we got Jacob back. It took a month to find him. But we finally did. I was very proud. As well as shocked, that I had a son.

Catherine: As were I, to find out I was pregnant.

Vincent: Catheine, I am sorry I didn't get to you sooner. I couldn't...

Catherine: (Holding one finger up to his lips.) Shh. Vincent. I know. Our bond was lost for some reason. I noticed it right away. It's O.K.

Vincent. I watched you die in my arms. How are you standing in front of me?

Catherine: They gave me some kind of pill that made me look like I was dead. I woke up in the hospital, & was told I had to go to the Witness Protection Program. I didn't wan't to go, but I had to. I missed you so much. I knew you would get our baby. I had faith that you would.

Vincent: Well you can think Karen for that.

Catherine: Karen? You met?

Vincent: Also Joe. He said he alway's wondered what I looked like. They are helpers now.

Catherine: Well, I am glad to hear that. I would like to see them again.

Vincent: I can send someone to get them.

Catherine: Please do.


(Scene: Later that evening. You see Joe, Karen, Vincent, & Catherine in the living quarters.)

Joe: Cath it is great to see you. A surprise, but a great surprise as well.

Catherine: You think you 2 can help me get out of the Witness Protection Program?

Joe: You bet we will. Are you coming back to the firm?

Catherine: We'll see. I wan't to spend some time with my family. (Holding Vincent's hand.)

Karen: I have gotten to know Vincent real well. You are a lucky woman Cath.

Catherine: I am glad you think so Karen. Would you be my Matred of Honor?

Karen: You bet, I would be honored.

Joe: You 2 are getting married?

Catherine: Yes. As soon as I am free, & able to stay with my family.

Jacob: (Playing on the floor, comes up to Catherine holding his hands up to her.) Mommy. (Catherine picks him up, & put him on her lap.)

Karen: Catherine, I must say, you have a most adorable son there.

Catherine: I must agree with you. Thank you.

Karen: I helped to take care of him, & it was my pleasure.

Catherine: Thank you Karen, Joe for being there for Vincent, & Jacob. I knew he would have some help, but I didn't realize it would be you 2.

Karen: After what he had done with the bad guy's in the past, it surprised me as well.

Catherine: Well, how are we going to get these guy's? I wan't to stay with my family.

Karen: Well do we have a location of where he might be?

Catherine: Well, I escaped from there once. They found me in New Jersey, & kidnapped me. Just the other day.

Joe: The relocation officer must be going nuts, trying to find you. We better go call them.

Catherine: I don't know. Last time someone recognized me, they moved me right away. I don't wan't that to happen again. I wan't to stay here with Vincent, & Jacob.

Joe: I will inform them that you are under protection now. (Looking at Vincent.) & from what I have seen, she couldn't be in better hands.

Vincent: Thank you Joe. I am going with you. I can have Mary, or Father babysit, & I wan't to go with you.

Catherine: Honey, you have never been up above before. Eccept to come to my apartment, & save me, & who ever needed it.

Vincent: Catherine, if it means getting you back, I would do anything..

Catherine: (Kissing him on the cheek.) I love you so much. Thank you Vincent.

Vincent: (Kissing her.) My pleasure, & I love you."


(Scene: At the office, you see Vincent, Catherine, Joe, & Karen in Joe's office. Joe is on the phone.)

Joe: Yes we have very good protection over her...We will keep you updated...Yes, we will keep you updated...Yes, we will let you know...Good bye, & you have a good day also. (Hanging up the phone.) I guess they don't think we have very good protection. Of course I can see their point, we didn't do such a...(Looking at Vincent.) Sorry Vincent. (Back at Catherine.) O.K. Cath. Where were you held? Can you take us there?

Catherine: Yes, kind of. It was where I was held when I was Pregnant with Jacob.

Vincent: We got him. How can he be involved?

David: He had a brother that wasn't to happy with Catherine putting his brother away, & while Cath was in the hospital we found out that he was after her. So that is why she was put in the Witness Protection Program.

Vincent: & You kept it from me. Her lover, the father of her baby? How dare you. (Growl came from his mouth.)

Catherine: Honey, they had no choice. They didn't know you.

(Vincent Gave them a Don't do it again look.)

Catherine: Well, let's get him, & get me home, where I belong. (Looking at Vincent.) Do you think I could stay in the....

Vincent: (Interupting.) You need not ask. You are a part of me, & I know that you will be welcomed with opened arms.


(Scene: Later that day. You see Catherine, Vincent, Karen, & Joe about to enter the building.)

Joe: O.K. We have to be very careful, to catch him. Otherwise he will run away, & Catherine will have to be relocated again.

Vincent: I will go with her, & Jacob. Let us be a family like we deserve to be.

Joe: Hopefully neither of you will have to relocate. But if she does, we will see what we can do Vincent. (Looking at Catherine.) Cath, do you remember know where the office is?

Catherine: Well, I was held on the third floor, & the office I saw was down the hall from that.

Karen: O.K. let me see if everyone is in position before we enter. (Talking into the walkie talkie.) Everyone in position?

Voice: Everyone ready.

Karen: Good, let's move in now.

(They go up to the third floor, & banged in Jeralds door.)

Jerald: (Sitting behind his desk.) What is the meaning...

Vincent: (Picking Jerald up by the colar of his shirt.) You know what this is about. You kept the love of my life away from me, & now you are going to pay. ROAR. (Catherine, & Karen took hold of Vincent as Vincent lifted his hand to strike Jerald.)

Catherine: Honey, please calm down. It's over. We have back up. Let them take care of him. Please Vincent.

Karen: Vincent, my men have his men. I can take Jerald right now. Please if you kill him, all you will do is have yourself taken away from Catherine, & Jacob. Do you wan't that?

Vincent: (Let out a growl, started to strike him again, but felt Catherines love, & decided not to. He put Jerald down by Karen.) Get him out of my site. I don't wan't to see him around me, or my family again.

Karen: I promise Vincent. He will pay for his crime. I promise.

Vincent: Thank you Karen. Now if you don't mind, I am going to take my future bride home now.

Joe: Go right ahead, Vincent. You 2 need some time together. (Looking at Catherine.) Welcome back Cath. & If you wan't to come back to the firm, your more than welcome to come back.

Catherine: Thank you Joe. Give me some time, to get to be with Vincent, & to know my son.

Joe: Take all the time you need Cath. There will always be an opening for you.

Catherine: Thank you Joe. (Looking at Vincent.) You ready to go?

Vincent: You bet I am. Let's go home.

Catherine: Oh, that sounds good. I am going home for good.


(Scene: The next day, at breakfast, the underworld people, & Catherine, Vincent, Joe, & Karen are eating.)

Elezabeth: Vincent, Catherine I have a surprise for you. I wan't you all to come to the painted walls.

Catherine: Surprise huh? Can't waite.

(They go to the painted wall, & Elezabeth points to a new painting.)

Catherine: Thank you Elezabeth. It is beautiful.

Elezabeth: I just finished it this morning. I call it family reunion.

Vincent: Thank you, Elezabeth. (Camera goes to painting, & you see a painting of Vincent, & Catherine holding Jacob.) It is beautiful.

Catherine: Vincent, would you read poetry to me?

Vincent: Of course.

Catherine: I miss you reading to me.

Vincent: (Holding out his arm.) It would be my pleasure. I miss reading to you.


(Scene: Later You see Vincent, Catherine, & Jacob on the bed. Vincent with a book in his hands, & Catherine cuddling up next to him, & Jacob in between them.)

Vincent read this poem.

























The characters are not mine. I do not get any money off of this story. I am only doing this for fun. The story, & poem was written by me. If you like this, please let me know. Even if you don't, would like your opinion. Thank you & God Bless you.

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