By Nightwalker87

Author's note: After watching "Dead of Winter" for the hundredth time, I was suddenly inspired by Catherine's expression in the Chamber of the Winds. This little tidbit is the result. I hope you like it.

An entry from Catherine Chandler's Diary:

I watched you descend the winding staircase of the Chambers of the Winds. Despite the cover of your cloak, I knew of the suppleness of the muscles beneath. Muscles that gave the cloak its majestic appearance. Moments later, I watched you lift the huge wood barrier to the Great Hall easily as though it weighed no more than a 2 x4 plank picked up by an ordinary man.

I watched. And I was proud. Perhaps it was not the appropriate feeling, but it was there. Did you sense it? Of course, you did. Did it give you pleasure. I hope it did.

All who were near me could not help but see it, feel it radiate from me. It was a matter of pride.

Pride of your ability. Pride of your strength. Pride of you.

When you took my hand to lead me through the darkness, there was only pride, confidence, and knowledge. Knowledge that you would lead me no other place than the light. Knowledge that I could follow no other way than towards the light for the light is our destiny--our constant.

Vincent, when, at last, you and I danced in the Great Hall together ˜The last waltz˜ I was enthralled. In that dance, I was transported from where we were to what could be. My mind and soul were one. My thoughts were on us alone. Nothing else mattered.

Vincent, my love, and my-- dare I write it? The word that completes us. . For you, I would dare anything. My husband. My dear husband, because you are already that to me, our time is coming. I know that.

Will you be ready?

Will I?

I have no answers. I do know that whatever happens we will, we must, face it together.



This story is part of an anthology entitled "All That Matters: Tales of Beauty and the Beast." I started the anthology in January 1990 after the series ended. As real life got in the way and the fandom dwindled, I put it away. Recently, I discovered, thanks to the web, that BATB lives! I pulled out my files and decided to submit the completed stories. Who knows, maybe I will be inspired to finish the remaining stories :)