The Lovers

Catherine Maya

At first glance I could see them,

That they were special.

So I watched.

Eager to know;

Eager to be a part of.

I had never seen or known

Anything like them.

I wanted to experience,

I wanted to learn.

For two years I watched

Their love blossom.

They were flowers in the spring,

Blooming for all the world to see.

And yet they concealed themselves

Even from me.

Even still I saw,


No, yearned for the love they shared.

They were perfect.

They were each other's light

In the darkness.

All who knew them,

Including myself,

Believed that nothing could separate them.


But the world grew harsh

As worlds do

Minute by minute.

The pain of their lives tore

Even me apart.

Now the sight of each other

Was all the comfort they could afford.


And then a new light.

A child.

A boy.

But bliss was short lived.

And with her last breath she gave him

Their child,

Her love,

And Dylan Thomas' words:

"Death shall have no dominion."


I see only him and the child now.

He struggles.

Each day he tells himself of how he

Cannot live without her…

And won't.

But as he can bear the aloneness

No more

The child cries to him.


I cry for him.

For her.

For myself.

I am angry that I ever wished

This for them.

But still I hear their laughter:

Father and son.

Perhaps they will find comfort

Living only with a memory.


I still watch and want.

He seems more like his mother

Every day.