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2:38 A.M. (17k) Rated G Uploaded 12/8/98


What is Catherine thinking while she waits for Vincent to rescue her from Gabriel? (Note- Considered to be Classic since it doesn't progress to the scene on the roof that made so many fans cry.)

After the Ashes (144 kb) Rated PG for mentions of violence. Uploaded 9/19/06

Ginny Shearin,

In an earlier story Peter told Catherine he'd planned to introduce her father to the tunnels. This is a tangent - a "What-if" story. Suppose Catherine's father had lived. How would she manage to tell him that the hands responsible for all the maulings he read about in the newspapers were beautiful &endash; that they were "her hands"?

Alone No More (24k) Rated PG Uploaded 9/19/01

Karen Morgia

Vincent moves back through time. (Diana appears in this story, but it is Classic in resolution.)

An Angel for Vincent (4k) Rated G Uploaded 8/27/00

Margaret Noel

Vincent and Catherine share a special moment in Central Park after a snowstorm.

Angels in the Snow (28k) Rated G Uploaded 8/27/00

Jackie Newman

New York City gets some unexpected snow, allowing Catherine to move forward with her plans for Vincent.

Beauty and the Beast Reunion (16k) Rated PG Uploaded 11/15/01

Edith L. Acker

Catherine and Vincent are reunited in this SND story.

Beast at the Beach (20k) Rated G Uploaded 9/5/01

Jackie Newman

What would Vincent think of a B&B convention?

Bedside Manner (44k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 8/27/00

JoAnn Baca

Catherine has the flu, and Vincent takes it upon himself to care for her.

Beholder's Eye (77k) Rated: PG-13 Uploaded 9/23/99

Beth Gualda

Catherine tells Vincent she does not want to see him for awhile to think things over and Vincent knows Father is behind it somehow. To make matters worse, Catherine starts dating his arch enemy from the past.

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times (40k) Rated: PG Uploaded 9/1/08 


Vincent and Catherine go on a mercy mission and they find something they didn’t expect. (This story was inspired by Brothers and Remember Love and takes place at the end of A Distant Shore.

Birth and Bond (17k) Rated PG Uploaded 11/3/98

Sybil Cameron

This short story presents the possibility that the groundwork was laid for the formation of their bond long before Vincent and Catherine met.

Blackout (8k) Rated G Uploaded 4/6/98

Becky Bain

A power outage gives Catherine an idea.

Blackout (51k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 2/21/99


Joe Maxwell is stuck in a subway car when a blackout cripples New York City. When he's injured fighting a would-be mugger, rescue comes from a mysterious stranger. (Or not so mysterious, if you're a BATB fan. C'mon, who else would it be? :D)

Bonding (43k) Rated G Uploaded 4/27/99

Beth Gualda

This story is an expansion of the pilot episode and takes place between the scene where Catherine first wakes in Vincent's chamber and the scene where she touches his hand and is startled.

Bonk the Beast (12k) Rated PG Uploaded 1/24/04


Vincent learns the meaning of "you only hurt the one you love."

The Bridge (162k) Rated G Uploaded 1/26/99

Cynthia Hatch

Catherine is forced to look at her relationship with Vincent and the other tunnel dwellers in a new way. (Some readers will be more comfortable thinking of this as a fanciful "what if" story.)

By The Rivers Of Babylon Rated: G Uploaded 11/26/00

Kayla Rigney

Maxine learns that in the Tunnels, animals are "just" animals. Upset, she confronts Pascal about this belief, and the pipemaster shares a memory from his past. Slowly, he realizes that simply because a belief is accepted doesn't make it right; and no soul is worth more than another. "It only takes one voice." (followed by R-rated Little Black Book)

Candle to Candle (187k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 5/6/98

Edith Crowe

This sequel to "The Fire and the Rose" starts in a bed and ends in a bed. But in between, an important event takes place. Hint: it starts with the words, "Dearly Beloved..."

Carousel Dreams (4k) Rated G Uploaded 8/1/01

Karen Morgia

A poem about a very special adventure.

Catherine's Promise (4k) Rated G Uploaded 10/6/02

Kindra King

A poem.

A Christmas Surprise (8k) Rated PG Uploaded 8/1/01

Karen Morgia

Yes, Catherine, there IS a Santa Claus!

Cold Stone With Pigeons (9k) Rated G Uploaded 5/7/98

Anita Gazzard

Vincent waits for Catherine

The Conquered (36k) Rated PG Uploaded 8/9/07

Thomas Mc

This tells how Jacob, John, Anna, Mary and Grace all came to live in the tunnel community. It also covers the birth of Devin and ends just before Vincent is found.

A Cry of Players (128k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 7/22/03

Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub

Description (from the Q-fer): "in which a born actress, "Madame Sarah, "illegally holding secret acting classes for children Below, is in fact herself a teenager used as a call girl by her father." This story was originally publshed in The Chronicler's Tales" and reprinted in one of the Remote Control zines.

Dear Diary (4k) Rated G Uploaded 1/24/04


Vincent muses about the night he hurt Lisa. Has that scene just replayed?

Dear To My Heart (8k) Rated G Uploaded 4/13/00

Beth Gualda

Vincent composes a letter to the woman he loves

Decisions (24k) Rated: G Uploaded 10/30/00

Trisha Kehoe

Vincent and his son explore Central Park.

Devin's Mile (40k) Rated: PG-13 Uploaded 3/14/09


A rescue changes everything.

The Dreamer (4k) Rated G Uploaded 1/8/05


A vignetterelaying the background of one of the tunnel dwellers.

Dreams of Thee (28k) Rated: G Uploaded 9/1/08 


This was inspired by Promises of Someday. It tells of the events leading up to and after the carousel.

Duet 10kb Rated: G Uploaded 3/16/13

Rosaura Wells

No summary provided

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