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Encounter (24k) Rated G Uploaded 8/21/08

Thomas Mc

This story is just a little something I wrote in one afternoon for the fun of it. It is an experiment in writing style. I wanted to try to describe an encounter between three people from each persons perspective with out getting too redundant. That's harder than it sounds. It takes place just hours after the end of my story Though Lovers Be Lost (revised). A chance early morning encounter in the park leads to unexpected results. I always thought Eliot Burch was seriously flawed but he was not really evil, just unable to see past his own desires, so I thought I would give him a happy ending anyway.

Eternity II: I Shall Emerge Rated PG-13 Uploaded 7/12/99

Becky Bain

A novel-length sequel to the author's story "O Never Star," which should probably be read first. (Individual chapters and their respective sizes are listed when you follow the link above)

Even Stones Can Fly (100k) Rated PG Uploaded 8/9/02

Karen Mason-Richardson

It's been years since that fateful night when Catherine was left to die in the park, years spent patiently waiting for Vincent to move past his fears. But nothing has changed and Catherine has run out of patience! (From the out-of-print fanzine Bedtime Stories)

Excerpts from a Diary (60k) Rated G Uploaded 8/24/99

Edith Crowe

A long view of Vincent and Catherine's "Happy Life," as told by a most unusual narrator.

Fairy Time (48k) Rated G Uploaded 4/6/98

Becky Bain

Vincent visits one of his world's deeper chambers, and emerges to find that the chamber's magical properties have changed much of what he knew. Will Catherine still love him?

Fairytales Rated: G (12k) Uploaded 7/22/01

Margaret Noel

Father's reading of fairytales sends the minds of some tunnel dwellers on flights of fancy.

Far Above the City Streets (40k) Rated PG Uploaded 10/6/02

Karen Mason-Richardson

For the last three years the apartment next door has stood empty, but yesterday the owner returned to New York, and her balcony adjoins Catherine's.

Far From Home (16k) Rated G Uploaded 3/7/01

JoAnn Baca

When Catherine finds a lost child, she comes to realize they are not so different.

Fawn (104k) Rated PG Uploaded 8/21/08

Nancy Lynn Knauff

The mystery of a young child becomes a larger danger when Vincent and Catherine become involved.

The Fire and the Rose (85k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 4/27/98

Edith Crowe

It's several months after the events portrayed at the end of season two, and Catherine has a theory about their relationship--what Vincent sees as the problem may be the key to the solution. If only Vincent can be convinced to take that last step....

First Snow (4k) Rated G Uploaded 1/24/04


Snowball fight!

Flashback (12k) Rated: G Uploaded 5/22/00

Beth Gualda

An episode where a young Vincent and a young Mouse venture above

Flower Power (8k) Rated G Uploaded 9/19/01

Karen Morgia

A vignette that ponders the magic of flowers.

Flung Roses (72 kb) Rated PG. Uploaded 7/30/07

Becky Bain

Vincent suffers memory loss after sustaining a head injury in a tunnel cave-in. One of the things he can't quite remember is the identity of the woman who sits beside his bed, watching over him. Originally published in the fanzine Eternity III: Collected Dreams

The Four of Rods (51k) Rated G Uploaded 4/29/98

Edith Crowe

Catherine and Vincent are new to this business of being lovers.Catherine finds that her fears for Vincent's safety are even more acute now. What to do? Then an old family friend makes her an offer she can't refuse.

Friends, in Deed (64k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 9/19/01

Karen Morgia

The network of Helpers reaches out to a young girl in need.

A Gift of Laughter (48k) Rated G Loaded 8/22/08

Karen Morgia 

The title explains it all.

The Guest of Honor (34k) Rated G Uploaded 6/21/99

J. Patterson

A young girl's wish is to celebrate Vincent's birthday with him, but a snowstorm could result in disappointment. Her faith--and her mother's--hang in the balance as the evening darkens into night.

Happily Ever After (52k) Rated: G Uploaded 11/6/00

Darlene Jones

A fairy tale happy ending that picks up when Catherine realizes she is pregnant and must tell Vincent. Joe and Jenny both play a strong role.

Having it All Rated: PG

Dawn Yzaguirre

Catherine and Vincent finally get the life together that they always dreamed of but will that life come at a great price? (This is an ongoing, multi-chapter story that will have new chapters uploaded as they are completed)

He's My Brother (44k) Rated: G Uploaded 9/1/08


Part One – Before meeting Catherine, Vincent discovers a feral child in the lower tunnels. The first part of this story is set about ten years before Once Upon a Time. Mouse’s story is a bit vague, but I have taken this retelling from the first time we meet Mouse in Shades of Grey. It’s mentioned in Ozymandias that Mouse fought Vincent, but I felt Mouse’s reference was more apt considering Vincent’s gentle nature. Part Two - I have this scene in a different context. The feral child from Outsiders has been stealing food and Mouse feels he is the only one to bring the child into the safety of the community.

Ice cream at Midnight (12k) Rated G Uploaded 9/1/08


Catherine and Vincent's little boy wakes up one night and ventures away from the chambers he shares with his parents in search of Grandfather, hoping that he will have a partner to go with him and raid the kitchen chambers for some Ice Cream...

Imagine (8k) Rated G Uploaded 9/5/01

JoAnn Baca

This was written after written after visiting Strawberry Fields in Central Park and finding a certain bench.

It's All Relative (12 kb) Rated PG-13 for a mildly suggestive situation. Uploaded 7/30/07

Becky Bain

Vincent pays a midnight visit to Catherine's balcony, and is shocked by what he finds. Originally published in the fanzine Eternity III: Collected Dreams.

It Was the Moon (12k) Rated: G Uploaded 9/1/08


A classic vignette and takes place at the end of Brothers.

Jacob's Adventure (36k) Rated PG Uploaded 9/5/08 


Disheartened that his mom has gone above to work, Jacob hatches a plan to go above and revisit Central park and the fun time he had with her over the weekend. He enlists the help of his two best friends, Luke and Katy, and the three children leave the safety of th community below for an adventure that might prove to be very dangerous.

The Joining (20k) Rated: PG-13 Uploaded 8/27/00

Margaret Davis

This story explores a deepening relationship between Catherine and VIncent after Vincent's collapse at the end of season 2. It totally ignores season 3.

Leave A Light On For Me Rated: PG Uploaded 11/26/00

Kayla Rigney

Sequel to R-rated A Shot in the Dark. Max stops by the pipe chamber for a cup of tea and asks a simple question. Pascal finds out that simple questions never have simple answers... (followed by By the Rivers of Babylon)

Let Down Your Hair (17k) Rated PG Uploaded 2/23/99

Roxanne Shearer Koogler

Father finally appreciates what's been right in front of him for years.

Lionhearted (51k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 3/27/99

Beth Gualda

Vincent and Catherine repeatedly make and break promises of staying together no matter what, and both are forced to utilize courageous hearts to do what is right for each other in the end.

The List (9k) Rated G Uploaded 4/27/98

JoAnn Baca

Catherine presents Vincent with her list.

Little Boy Lost (96k) Rated G Uploaded 4/6/98

Becky Bain

Catherine finds a little boy, lost in the tunnels, and takes him to the safest place she knows - and then he won't let her leave.

Lost (100 kb) Rated PG-13. Uploaded 7/30/07

Becky Bain

Vincent is injured and lost after a car accident while returning from Connecticut with Catherine. Originally published in the fanzine Eternity III: Collected Dreams

The Lovers (4k) Rated G Uploaded 9/6/04

Catherine Maya

A poem.

Love's Legacy (8k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 6/13/09


A woman who organizes B&B conventions has a dream come true

The Marker (34k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 2/21/99


Joe Maxwell has been waiting twenty years for a shot at one of the men who killed his father, but he needs Cathy Chandler's help to see that justice is served. Joe is calling in a marker.

A Matter of Knowing (9k) Rated G Uploaded 4/5/99


Companion piece to A Matter of Wanting as Vincent thinks about his relationship with Catherine.

A Matter of Pride (9k) Rated G Uploaded 4/5/99


An entry in Catherine's Diary after Winterfest 87-88 (Dead of Winter episode)

A Matter of Wanting (9k) Rated G Uploaded 4/5/99


A song causes some late night ponderings on the part of Catherine.

Midnight Snack (17k) Rated PG Uploaded 4/27/98

JoAnn Baca

One night, when she stays below, Catherine can't get to sleep and invites Vincent to raid the pantry with her.

Miracles (148k) Rated PG Uploaded 9/5/01

Jackie Newman

Kristopher has a very important painting to finish.

The Mirror: Kindred Spirits (145k) Rated PG Uploaded 3/26/99

C. B. McWhorter

There are two versions of "The Mirror." The first, "Kindred Spirits," is a Classic story that was written during the second season, when I first dreamed up the character Victoire. The second version, "Always Here," came to be when I began wondering what would happen if it were Diana who met Victoire first. While the settings, the time, and even Vincent's moods are different in each story, the fundamental interactions between Vincent & Victoire are similar - at some points, identical. And for them, the outcome is the same, no matter what else goes on around them.

Move Toward Tomorrow (132k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 11/23/02

Catherine Maya

Vincent and Catherine have faced Paracelsus, once more. Only this time he is after their child. Five years after escaping from him, and finally finding their "Happy Life" together, Vincent's sudden illness will test their family's strength.

Naomi (88k) Rated PG Uploaded 12/1/07

Thomas Mc

This is my take on how the young child Naomi, who appears in later episodes and several stories, including 'The Fire and The Rose' series of stories by Edith Crowe, was originally rescued by Vincent and brought into the tunnel community. It also sets some things in motion that will resurface in my 'Though Lovers Be Lost (Revised)' story.

The Noble Game (32k) Rated G Uploaded 3/18/00

Bruce Alen Klaiss

Catherine looks for a way for Vincent to test his skill at chess against a true master of the game.

No Greater Love (102k) Rated PG-13 for mild violence. Uploaded 9/29/98

Becky Bain

Paracelsus makes another attempt to destroy the tunnel world. He starts by kidnaping Vincent...

Not a Great Star (26k) Rated G Uploaded 12/8/98


A sweet story about masks and makeup.

Not Even The Rain (60k) Rated G Uploaded 4/27/98

Sue Haley and Amber James

Laura and Catherine realize they each face similar obstacles in their respective relationships

Of Puccini and Pipes (68k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 8/27/00

Margaret Davis

The story of Pascal from young child to adult age.

O Never Star Part 1 (119k) Part 2 (85k) Rated PG Uploaded 9/2/98

Becky Bain

A classic story that starts with Catherine firmly in Gabriel's clutches. (She doesn't die, or even appear to.)

Passing the Torch (8k) Rated PG Uploaded 4/15/98

Karen Lewis

Can Vincent become the leader of the Tunnel Community - and what sort of leader would he make?

Perchance to Dream (20k) Rated: G Uploaded 9/1/08


This story takes place after Lisa left.

The Phantom Beast: One Love, One Life Rated: PG

Jen Thompson

This is a crossover of Kopit's version of "The Phantom of the Opera" with Vincent and Catherine in the lead roles...many other characters also have parts. When Catherine goes to see "The Phantom of the Opera" one night with Jenny, she falls asleep dreaming of the Paris Opera house and a special music teacher. (Individual chapters and their respective sizes are listed when you follow the link above) (This is an ongoing, multi-chapter story that will have new chapters uploaded as they are completed)

A Power All Its Own 160k PG Loaded 8/22/08 

Karen Morgia

The bond between Vincent and Catherine has saved them both. Can it put them in danger, too?

Preconceptions (16 kb) Rated G/PG. Uploaded 7/30/07

Becky Bain

A sequel to the author's story "Fairy Time." Originally published in the fanzine Eternity III: Collected Dreams

Predestination (12kb) Rated G Uploaded 6/13/09


An alternate beginning story

The Problem Rated: G (4k) Uploaded 7/22/01

Margaret Noel

Vincent is amused by the problem Catherine has developed with her feet.

Quantum Beast: All's Well That Ends Well (72k) Rated PG Uploaded 4/15/98

Lee Kirkland

First in the Quantum Leap/Beauty and the Beast Crossover series. Sam leaps into Vincent (much to his surprise) and finds himself in a community he never knew existed. There is no time to explore it; he has to save Catherine from Gabriel. Note- considered to be "classic" since a "classic" ending to the episode "Though Lovers Be Lost" is presented.

Quantum Beast: Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered (32K) Rated PG Uploaded 4/11/98

Lee Kirkland

Fifth in the Quantum Leap/Beauty and the Beast Crossover series. Sam leaps into Steven Bass, who is living with Catherine Chandler in an abusive relationship. Will Sam be able to drive Cathy away, or will she marry Steven and never meet Vincent?

Quantum Beast: The Epilogue (16k) Rated G Uploaded 4/9/98

Lee Kirkland

Third in the Quantum Leap/Beauty and the Beast Crossover series. Vincent leaps home, to find Cathrine in his arms. Was it all a dream, or did he really travel through time? Note- considered to be "classic" since a "classic" ending to the episode "Though Lovers Be Lost" is presented

Quantum Beast: Lovers Leap (72k) Rated G Uploaded 4/11/98

Lee Kirkland

Fourth in the Quantum Leap/Beauty and the Beast Crossover series. Sam leaps into a man in New York City, and the computer can't find him. Desparate, Al tries to contact Vincent for help.

Quantum Beast: The Waiting Room (72k) Rated G Uploaded 4/9/98

Lee Kirkland

Second in the Quantum Leap/Beauty and the Beast Crossover series. Vincent waits anxiously in the Quantum Leap waiting room while Sam works to resuce a pregnant Catherine from Gabriel. Note- considered to be "classic" since a "classic" ending to the episode "Though Lovers Be Lost" is presented.

Quid Pro Quo (99k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 6/13/98

Edith Crowe

Catherine has been married to Vincent for not quite a year and (surprise!) loves it. There are, however, a few problems being a happily married woman when almost no one Above knows you are. Jenny returns a very big favor by coming up with a solution for Catherine's dilemma.


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