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Scars (32k) Rated PG Uploaded 8/21/08

Thomas Mc

In the story Though lovers be lost (revised) Catherine saves Vincent and brings him back from the abyss but not without cost. After nearly a year of hiding her secret, their relationship has moved forward and the happy life is finally within their grasp. Vincent and Catherine have been married just barely a month when Vincent finally sees the scars on Catherine’s back. In this story Catherine and Vincent are finally forced to face the implications of the scars on her back and the deep emotional scars they both have been carrying for a long time. The outcome will either bring them closer together or cause the collapse of their budding life together.

A Second Chance (76k) Rated PG Loaded 8/22/08

Karen Morgia

Mary's story.

September Service (16k) Rated G Uploaded 1/24/04

It's September 11, 2003, and tonight Vincent must lead the memorial service. If he could only figure out what to say...

Siege of Flowers (34k) Rated PG Uploaded 2/21/99


In despair after the deaths of the outsider family who invaded the Tunnels, Vincent has forbidden Catherine to see him. It's up to her to find a way to reach him...without speaking a word.

Sleep, My Love (34k) Rated PG Uploaded 12/8/98


This picks up with the morphine injection in "Though Lovers Be Lost" and is a "She Never Died" story that is continued in Surfacing. Readers sensitive to the rooftop scene may wish to have kleenex handy.

Some Like It Hot (9k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 12/7/99

Karen Mason-Richardson

This story was originally published in the Crystal Rose of NC newsletter. It appears here tweaked and minimally reworked (publishing your own zine teaches you a lot about writing). Enjoy!

Soulmates (12k) Rated: Mild PG-13 Uploaded 5/22/00

Jenn Thompson

This story explores the idea that Vincent loved Catherine and felt her before he found her.

A Spirit Too Delicate (116k) Rated: PG-13 Uploaded 8/20/08

Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub 

Sequel to A Cry of Players. Originally published in Media Rare, reprinted in another Remote Control zine; description (from Q-fer again) "In this story, gifted young actress Madame Sarah is leading Mouse into dire risks, Above. V/C are strong background presences in this story."

Spring Break (36k) Rated G Uploaded 8/28/00

Margaret Davis

A new Tunnel dweller misses the green of Above and Eric has persuaded Father that Below classes need a Spring Break. This story first appeared in Within the Crystal Rose II.

Surfacing (94k) Rated PG Uploaded 12/8/98


Sequel to the "She Never Died" story Sleep, My Love. Waking in a hospital after being given a fatal injection of morphine, Cathy is suspicious... and struggles to return to Vincent.

A Sweet and Potent Voice (76k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 3/9/08

Michelle K.

After a wonderful evening with Catherine, Vincent struggles to come to terms with their relationship and decide whether he can move forward to a greater intimacy. But can he overcome his fears?

The Tale of Orpheus (56k) Rated: PG Uploaded 9/1/08


An origin story taken from: Song of Orpheus, Promises of Someday, To Reign in Hell, and Ceremony of Innocence. It follows Father’s journey from a broken man to the leader of the tunnel community, Vincent’s appearance and the events that took place afterward.

Thank You (20k) Rated G Uploaded 8/6/07

Deborah Shanks

Originally published in the fanzine South of Oz, this short story highlights the work of a pair of matchmakers subsequent to Geoffrey's accusation that Catherine doesn't like Vincent anymore.

That's What Friends Are For (51k) Rated PG Uploaded 4/29/98

Edith Crowe

Catherine finally gets someone on her side of the river, and she owes it all to Jenny's intuition and altruism. Helping a friend in need has unexpected, and very happy, consequences.

Though Lovers Be Lost (Revised) (152k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 1/4/08  

Thomas Mc

This is my take on how the episode ‘Though Lovers be lost’ should have gone. It introduces Diana to both Vincent and Catherine. It also deals with the true cause of Vincent's breakdown. Most importantly Catherine survives. This story is broken into three parts to represent the first three television episodes for season three. It also is supposed to fit into the ‘The Fire and The Rose’ series of stories originated by Edith Crowe. This story also uses elements from my story ‘Naomi’ 

Ties That Bind (40k) Rated PG Uploaded 9/19/01

Karen Morgia

Vincent's sick again, but Catherine hasn't rushed to his side! (Diana appears as a friend).

Timeless (493k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 8/22/99

Becky Bain

This crossover brings the title characters of "Lois & Clark: The NewAdventures of Superman" into the New York inhabited by Catherine and Vincent. A note to readers: for the sake of the story, assume that in =this= New York, there are no Superman comic books. (For those of you who can only handle smaller files, the story has been split into part one (179k), part two (179k), and part three (145k).)

A Time of Decision (88k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 8/4/01

Karen Morgia

The walls between two worlds grow thin.

A Time to be Born (17k) Rated PG Uploaded 5/16/98

Laurie Burger

Vincent always assumed that his parents didn't want him, but was that really the case?

To Race the Wind (28k) Rated PG Uploaded 12/9/00.

Karen Mason-Richardson

A chance meeting of like-minds at the park carrousel and two different dreams are set on the road to reality. But, sometimes, the path to our heart's desire doesn't take the direction we anticipate...

The Tower And The Beast (72k) Rated PG Uploaded 8/21/08

Thomas Mc

Like everyone else, I have my own take on how the never seen, second season Halloween episode might have gone. This is my version of that particular episode. The story is set a week and a half after the Remember Love TV episode. Also it only seemed right that Brigit O’Donnell should play a small part in the evening’s proceedings, even if only from a distance.

Trust (76k) Rated: PG-13 Uploaded 3/14/09


After a misunderstanding with Catherine, Vincent retreats to the lower tunnels, which only makes things worse.

Turnabout (17k) Rated PG Uploaded 2/21/99


Who says Vincent always has to be the one protecting Catherine? Sometimes it just doesn't turn out that way....

The Ultimate Winterfest Surprise (multiple chapters) Rated PG, Uploaded 3/16/13

 Kathy De

A SND story, no summary provided

Unrequited (102k) Rated G Uploaded 9/29/98

Becky Bain

Josh McKenzie is the newest attorney at the D.A.'s office, and he has his eye on Catherine.

Valentine's Day Surprise (16k) Rated G Uploaded 11/23/02

Kindra King

Vincent and Catherine receive a special gift for Valentine's Day.

Vincent, I Don't Think We're in Verona Anymore (16k) Rated G/Barely PG Uploaded 4/6/98

Lee Kirkland

Dr. Seuss and William Shakespeare heavily influenced this flight of fancy that has Vincent and Catherine impersonating Romeo and Juliet.  

The Wall Between the Worlds (34k) Rated G Uploaded 8/24/99

Edith Crowe

That Halloween episode we never got to see those many years ago

A Wandering Soul (51k) Rated G Uploaded 2/21/99


A young Vietnamese orphan stumbles onto the world Below, and to its most unusual inhabitant...and mistakes Vincent for a spirit of the underworld. (A pre-classic story, set in 1978).

What is Real (116k) Rated PG Uploaded 3/14/09


This is a Hellboy/BatB crossover. It provides a Classic ending to the episode Though Lovers be Lost.

Where the Rainbow Ends (Volumes 1-4) Rated G/Barely PG

Lee Kirkland

The contents of four complete fanzines are presented. The stories explore Vincent and Catherine's life together, and the lives of their children. (They should be read in order.)

Volume 1 Uploaded 1/4/99

Family (47k); Charles (60k); Dreams and Promises (85k); Dawning (9k); Jacob (36k); Evan (26k); Vicky (12k)

Volume 2 Uploaded 1/4/99

'Til It Be Morrow (9k); Windmills (48k); The Dream (9k); Though There Be Thorns (37k); Quarantine (59k); Dragon's Release (6k); Love is Forever (45k); Brotherly Love (13k); Courage (24k); My Father's Hands (10k); A Family Portrait (17k); Somewhere There Waiteth (110k)

Volume 3 Uploaded 1/6/99

At the Dark's Edge (43k); Seduction (9k); In Place of the Stars (85k); Surprise (26k); What Falls Away is Always (60k); Amanda (51k); Secrets (77k); Growing Pains (34k)

Volume 4 Uploaded 1/5/99

More Than Love (62k); Til the Sun Grows Cold (79k); Rainbow (134k); The Stars Were Laughing (79k); Full Circle (94k)

Winter Kiss (12k) Rated: G/mild PG Uploaded 8/1/01

Nancy Lynn Knauff

Their second Winterfest finds Catherine and Vincent content, except for one thing...

The Worst of Times, The Beast of Times. (44k) Rated PG Uploaded 1/24/04


A Quantum Leap Crossover, set in season one.

Worth a Thousand Words (128k) Rated PG-13 Uploaded 1/16/08


In this story, Catherine and Vincent wonder what it would have been like to have known one another as children, and they might just get their chance!

You Feel What I Feel (4k) Rated G Uploaded 10/6/02

Kindra King

A poem.

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