Bedtime Stories Starring Catherine & Vincent

A (naughty) tale of Beauty and the Beast by Nicholas 

Part 1

Catherine woke slowly. She hated trips to the West Coast – not that the Radisson Hotel was uncomfortable (despite the strange people on the second floor), or the weather wasn’t nice. But she hated being away from Vincent. At least it was the weekend; she got to stay in bed late.

Vincent had a busy day. He had gotten up before dawn to help Kanin complete some construction work in the far tunnels; now he could lay in his bed and rest. At times like this, he truly missed Catherine; if only he could allow himself to love her the way he needed. It was so strong right now; it was almost a blessing that she was so far away…

Catherine: My body is so pleasantly heavy, but I’m too awake to sleep; if only I could sense Vincent, the way he can me. I’ve done it before when Vincent and Father were trapped in a cave-in – but his life had been in danger. There have been other times when I get flashes…If only I could feel him at will, like he does me. Maybe if I concentrate; somewhere inside of me, there has to be the Bond. This is so frustrating! I-I need to relax again and keep concentrating.

Vincent: I can feel Catherine’s frustration. It’s the distance, because she can’t sense me the way I can her. It’s so unfair to her; whenever she is away, I can reach out, feel the warmth of her spirit. She doesn’t have that comfort. I can’t help but feel guilty; if only there was some way I could reach out, comfort her…

Catherine: I refuse to give up. I’m always so busy; I have never taken the time to try to find Vincent. For once, I have all the time in the world. The Bond is there; I know it is. My years of being with Vincent have taught me faith. I have faith in him, in our Bond. I’m going to keep trying…

Vincent: She is so desperate to reach me! I don’t sense danger or pain – not sure why it’s so important, but she’s trying so hard…

Catherine: Something…at the back of my mind…can’t grasp it…keeps slipping away…so hard…

Vincent: If only I could help her…what is she trying to tell me…must reach out…so hard…

Both: (GASP!) WE DID IT!!!

Catherine: I did it! I can feel Vincent! (Tears run down her face.) He’s in his chamber, trying to reach out to me! It’s so obvious, he’s always been there, why couldn’t I see it before?

Vincent: She did it, she feels me like I do her! All she wanted was to feel me, like I do her. I can feel victory surging through her, the relief…

Catherine: Vincent is so happy for me, I can feel it! This is incredible! 

(…Minutes go by where both are simply lost in each other’s feelings, concentrating on the other’s joy, sending surges of love back and forth like text messages…)

Catherine: It’s so wonderful, I can always check on him now, like he does me. Like now, he’s sore – probably from fixing the tunnels. He did too much, as usual; and - that’s not all he’s feeling – Wow!

Vincent: Catherine – wait, stop! 

Catherine: (A wicked smile crosses her lips.) Not this time, my love. No excuses. Every time we start to grow close physically, you push me away. But there is no way you can harm me 3000 miles away! I can feel how much you want to give in…

Vincent: My heart, I desperately want to share myself with you, but it’s too dangerous! I can feel your desire…your need. But I can’t…

Catherine: Darling, let go! Please! I can feel your desire, pent up behind a door of will. (Catherine starts touching herself.) Let my need unlock the door…

Vincent: Catherine…forgive …me…

Catherine: (GASPING) Oh, my God!!! No wonder…The dam broke… it’s like a tidal wave…can’t control my own body…Vincent’s…it’s taken control of us both…we are passengers in our own bodies…

Vincent: (Gasping for breath as coherent thought starts to return.) Oh no…oh no…

Catherine: (Gasping for breath as coherent thought starts to return.) I can feel Vincent starting to panic…must focus

Vincent: She’s – not afraid? She’s calm…satisfied…

Catherine: It’s all right, my love. It’s OK. I understand now, why you hesitated. Your appetite is so primal – once loose, it’s beyond control, like when you protect me. But it’s all right. I gave myself willingly – and I will again…

Vincent: I can feel your approval – I can almost hear your exact words now. I don’t know what to say…except, from now on, things will be different.

Catherine: My love, I can feel your hesitancy. But we’ll make it work. But you’re so tired now…me too…lets [let’s] sleep.

(They sleep.)

Part 2

(Catherine opens her eyes – and is shocked to find herself sitting in front of an ornate mirror, wearing a heavy gown. Two young women are fixing her hair and makeup.)

Princess Catherine: Where-where am I?

Young Woman #1: Princess, do not jest! We must finish, your Prince awaits.

Princess Catherine: My Prince?

Young Woman #2: Of course, my Lady, he is expecting you. When you wed, the Upper and Lower Kingdoms will be united.

Princess Catherine: Wedding? Upper and Lower Kingdoms? (Realization dawns) I’m-I’m dreaming? No, Vincent is. He drifted off to sleep, while we were still ‘connected’; somehow, I was pulled into his dreams, his fantasies…

Young Woman #1: My Lady, your words confuse.

Princess Catherine: I’m here now, why not enjoy myself?  Don’t worry about it. (Smiling.) Let’s be off, my Prince awaits!

(The young ladies lead Catherine down a large hall to two large doors. Guards open the doors to reveal a huge hall filled with nobles. Trumpets sound; all hush as she walks in. The throng parts to reveal – Vincent, dressed in royal finery. He holds out his hand…)

Princess Catherine: Wow – he looks wonderful!  (Stepping up, she takes his hand.) It is good to see you, my Prince.

(The music starts, and they dance. Soon, others join them.)

Prince Vincent: My Princess, you look incredible. Beautiful and fair beyond my meager words.  It would be wrong to hold an angel of the Upper world to earth. If you wish to be released from your promise…

Princess Catherine: My Prince, nothing would please me more than to be your bride. With all my heart, in this world and all others, my answer is yes!

The Royal Seer: Don’t fret so, Vincent; this one will make all your dreams come true!

Princess Catherine: Narcissa?

Prince Vincent: You know the royal seer?

Princess Catherine: We’ve – met.

The Royal Seer: I just came to give you my blessing. You will be happy in this world (winking at Catherine) and the other. (Narcissa cackles and disappears into the crowd.)

Prince Vincent: How strange…

Princess Catherine: You – have no idea, my love.

Prince Vincent: ‘My love’ – I like the sound of that (Vincent holds Catherine closer as they dance).

(Prince Vincent walks Princess Catherine past many familiar faces as they approach the King and Queen)

Queen Mary: You have made the Prince very happy.

Princess Catherine: (Curtsying before the thrones.) Your highnesses, I only hope I can make him half as happy as he makes me.

King Wells: It’s no secret how I’ve always distrusted the Upper Kingdom. But you’ve shown that your heart is true. We wish you all the best – and I expect many grandchildren! (Cheers fill the hall. Catherine feels her cheeks redden.)

Prince Vincent: Father, please! Can we proceed to the chapel?

King Wells: Yes, it’s time.

(Vincent leads Catherine through an archway into a beautiful chapel. She feels her heart flutter at the thought that Vincent’s dream is to be wedded to her! She looks up at the cleric.)

Cleric Pascal: Are you ready?

Prince Vincent: I am if the Princess is.

Princess Catherine: With all my heart, I am.

(The ceremony is beautiful but swift; Catherine suspects Vincent is anxious to get to the Honeymoon…)

(They soon leave the cheering throng; Prince Vincent picks up his bride and carries her from the hall to a huge bedroom, dominated by a massive canopy bed. They slowly undress, watching each other. Catherine feels herself becoming more aroused and receptive; she’s unsure if it’s her or Vincent’s desire…nor does she care. She can sense that Vincent likes the ribbons in her hair; she leaves them there. She feels her body obeying his desires again; she climbs onto the bed. Vincent climbs on the bed as well, his massive form totally covering her tiny frame; his soft body hair brushes her skin, making her shiver with anticipation.)

Prince Vincent: (Voice hoarse with the effort to control himself) Your last chance to say no, my Princess, my wife…

Princess Catherine: (Voice soft and expectant) I say yes, my Prince and husband.

(They make passionate, intense love.)

Princess Catherine: (Whispering between thrusts)-Lord-it-feels-real-

(The world goes gray…)

Part 3

(Catherine’s vision clears. She is dressed in silks and reclines on pillows under a large tent. In her hand, she holds the stem of a water pipe.)

Catherine: (In mild horror) Oh no! This is my dream! My Arabian Knight fantasy! Please, please don’t let Vincent be my…

Guard: (At the doorway) My Caliph, your champion returns.

Catherine: (Sighing with relief) Oh, thank goodness! He’s my Champion. I-I’d never be able to face him if he had been my concubine and he actually remembers this! (Catherine draws on the water pipe, and lets out a stream of smoke.) – Wow – I haven’t smoked since college, but I still remember what it tastes like. (To the guard) Send in my champion!

(A moment later, Vincent enters. Shirtless, his muscles glisten with sweat.)

Catherine: WOW- this is my fantasy, all right! Guards – leave us! (The guards bow and depart.) 

Vincent: My queen, the borders are safe. How else may I serve?

Catherine: You have done well, my champion. I would – reward you.

Vincent: As you wish, my queen.

(Vincent lies down beside her. He is very excited, but takes his time and does everything that pleases her. Finally, they lose control and work up to a wonderful climax.)

(The world goes gray…)

Part 4

(Once again Catherine’s vision clears. She is walking down Fifth Ave., in broad daylight. Vincent is beside her. No one notices.)

Vincent: Enjoying your ice cream, my love?

Catherine: Yes, I am.

Vincent: Good – ah, I shouldn’t talk while eating, now it’s all over my lips.

Catherine: I’m going to be naughty – it’s my fantasy! I can fix that!

(Catherine pulls Vincent’s face towards her – and suddenly licks the ice cream off of his lips! She smiles at the spark of desire she feels through the Bond.)

Vincent: Catherine, if you keep that up, we will be late for the poetry reading.

Catherine: Yes, and I especially don’t want to miss the Concert tonight.

Vincent: Are you sure about this? I have never enjoyed rock music.

Catherine: You will enjoy Trans-Siberian Orchestra; trust me! 

(The world goes gray…)

Part 5

(Again Catherine’s vision clears. This time, she is standing in the Tunnels, near Vincent’s chamber.)

Catherine: More mundane. I wonder whose dream it is this time – Vincent’s or mine?

Jamie: (Walking past) Hi, Catherine.

Catherine: Hi, Jamie.  My voice – it’s different? Deeper?

(Catherine looks down – at which point she realizes her body is covered with fine, short fur…Quickly, she ducks into Vincent’s chamber and grabs a mirror.)

Catherine: (GASP) – I’m – I’m feline! (Looking herself over.) Not like Vincent…I’m sleek, and – and curvy…(checking under her garments)…I’m totally covered with fine, soft fur…and dressed in Tunnel garb…I’ve always wondered what it’s like for Vincent, being part lion…(She looks around.) The candles seem brighter, almost like daylight – no wonder he can navigate the tunnels so easily. Colors seem duller though. Wait, that scent…so familiar...

Father: (Entering the chamber) Ah, there you are, my dear. I’m glad I caught you before you left.

Catherine: Father doesn’t seem surprised by my appearance. Left?

Father: On your picnic, of course. Isn’t Vincent supposed to meet you down by the mirror pool?

Catherine: Yes, of course. I was just leaving. I must know more. Tell me, Father, has everyone gotten used to my presence in the tunnels yet?

Father: Oh yes, despite your – transformation.

Catherine:?? I’m sure it was a surprise…

Father: I never dreamed your Bond with Vincent could have such an effect – and I absolutely will not hear another word about Narcissa and her blasted potion! She had nothing to do with this and I won’t have you encouraging her!

(Father marches off…Catherine tries to hide her amusement.)

Catherine: I-I could actually sense how annoyed Father was. I can distantly feel so many others, too. This must be what it’s like for Vincent, sensing everyone’s emotions. It’s almost overwhelming. I’d better head down to the pool.

(Catherine heads down to the pool. She is amazed at how easy it is to navigate the dark tunnels. Every sound is so sharp and clear. She soon realizes she is actually prowling, hunting…)

Catherine: I’ve never felt so quick, so sure-footed before. It’s wonderful – but strange. It’s not me, but I’m glad I know. Wait, I sense Vincent, he’s coming…

Vincent: (Putting down his picnic basket and spreading his cloak.) How are you, my love?

Catherine: My God – Vincent’s musk is so strong, so…powerful. Does he always pick up my scent like this?  I’m fine, darling, just…suddenly missed you.

Vincent: (Holding her close) I missed you too…

Catherine: His scent…making it hard to think… Vincent…I…

Vincent: I know, darling, but control will come with time. It took me many years. But we are alone now…

(Catherine and Vincent are suddenly kissing. Without thinking, they strip off their clothing. After several minutes of Vincent fondling her breasts, Catherine suddenly drops down on all fours.)

Catherine: My body…so sensitive…need him so badly. I...I, Vincent, please help me!

Vincent:  Gladly, darling.

(Vincent takes her from behind. Catherine growls with delight as he thrusts in and out. Soon, she roars with pleasure at the release. Vincent soon follows. She then finds herself lying on his chest.)

Catherine: (Prrrrrrr)……My God, I’m purring?  This – this isn’t fair.

Vincent: What’s wrong?

Catherine: Because you keep satisfying my needs – I want to help you too. (Catherine concentrates on the Bond.) 

Vincent: Catherine, what are you doing?

Catherine: (Concentrating) I want to be in more of your fantasies…

(The world goes gray…)

Part 6

(Once again Catherine’s vision clears. She feels warm and peaceful.)

Catherine: (Very softly) I’m in bed…in Vincent’s arms…he’s asleep…dreaming about sleeping with me…he’s so – happy. (Catherine feels tears flow down her face.) I can feel him breathing my scent. I-I never realized how much he enjoys it…

Vincent: (Sleepily) Is everything all right, my love?

Catherine: Darling, I-I just never realized how much you enjoy sleeping with me. But I can feel it…

Vincent: I can feel your happiness as well. Sleep in my arms now, dearest.

Catherine: (Almost asleep) Yes…please…

(The world goes gray…)

Part 7

(Catherine opens her eyes. She is dressed in a heavy ornate robe, very aware that she is naked beneath it. She is sitting in a chamber filled with pillows.)

Catherine: OK, this is totally unfamiliar, Vincent must have dreamed it up. But what is this place? What – what am I?

Guard: It’s time – come with me.

Catherine: I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel – not sure what I feel. Of course.

(They wend their way through several halls. She is obviously in a palace, but the halls look very tunnel-like.)

Catherine: It looks a bit like Vincent’s first fantasy – but it feels very different. I feel different…

Guard: Not too loudly – the King’s love slave is expected to be demure.

Catherine: Oh, my God I’m – I’m Vincent’s love slave?!? I never imagined…Vincent would never admit this to me. I can feel myself wanting to conform, to obey…I’ll let it happen. Vincent deserves this. (Quietly) Yes, of course.

Guard: Good. Remember, he chose you over every other woman in the kingdom.

Catherine: He chose me!!! I find that so…arousing.

(The guard gestures at a doorway. Catherine enters; inside, Vincent is reclined on a large bed. He wears a heavy ornate robe as well.)

Catherine: My king, how may I  - serve you?

King Vincent: (Inhaling deeply) I’ve been waiting for you. Disrobe and turn – slowly.

(Catherine obeys. She feels Vincent’s eyes take in her naked body.) 

Catherine: I can sense his desire building…no, more than that, he’s looking at me with…lust. I’ve never known Vincent to think of me like that. All this time, he’s never expressed actual desire for me as – as a woman. I wasn’t sure he was attracted to me physically. Part of me was afraid he only thought of me as a friend. But now I know, he wants – no, needs my body too. (Smiling) I can feel his lust, flowing through him, through both of us….

(Vincent opens his robe. Catherine’s gaze is riveted to his erect organ…)

King Vincent: Give me the sweet release only you can grant.

Catherine: His erection – it’s so hard, it’s - hurting him. Yes, I – I want to…

(Catherine kneels down on the bed. She reaches for his penis…)

(The world goes gray…)

Part 8

(Catherine opens her eyes. She is lying in her bed. It takes her a few minutes to realize she is awake, and back in Culver City. It is late in the day.)

Catherine: I’m awake, and so sore…(Blushing). I’ve – I’ve been masturbating in my sleep!!

(Catherine showers and cleans herself up.) 

Catherine: I can sense Vincent in a secluded pool, cleaning himself up too. Soaping his body up as I’m soaping mine (Catherine feels her nipples start to harden.) Woops, need to calm down! (A few moments of steady breathing) There, that’s better. I’m too sore, and we’re both hungry. This will take some practice, or neither of us will accomplish a thing.

(She orders room service and eats in.)

Catherine: OK, I need to think. Why did we wake up before we could finish? Because – because neither us knew what would come next. I’ve had intercourse, and we both masturbate – but no one has ever used their mouth on Vincent, and I’ve never used my mouth on a man’s…organ. So we couldn’t finish. I know what I must do.

(Catherine waits until Vincent is asleep – fortunately, it is much later on the East Coast. Damping down the Bond, she goes to an adult bookstore. She doesn’t want to frighten him.)

Catherine: It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a place like this. But I need to do this. Vincent is so – large. I need to get ready.

(Catherine purchases several implements.)

The rest of the week, they settle into a pattern; Catherine attends her conference, eats dinner, then returns to the hotel. She ‘connects’ to Vincent, then they both surrender to each other’s need. Catherine hopes she is able to stretch herself enough; the week ends, and she is on a plane flying back home to Vincent’s arms…)

Part 9

Catherine can’t wait for the day to end. After two weeks, she will finally see him again. She is anxious – and somewhat scared. So is Vincent. She packs a bag and heads Below. Vincent meets her below her building. They sense each other’s location long before they meet.

Catherine:  (Running into his arms) Vincent! At last! How I’ve missed you!

Vincent: I also, my heart.

(Several minutes of just holding each other…)

Vincent: Are you sure about this, darling?

Catherine: You are not backing out now!

Vincent: Now you know how – how powerful that side of me is, what if I lose control?

Catherine: Vincent, you’ve seen what I could never tell you now, my desires and fantasies. My heart…

Vincent: Then we should go.

(They start down an unfamiliar path.)

Catherine: We’re not going to your chamber?

Vincent: I thought – privacy – was in order. 

(Eventually, they enter a large chamber with a pool at one end fed by a tiny waterfall. A heavy blanket and several pillows are laid on the floor, with large candles set in corner holders. Two red roses are laid on the blanket).

Catherine: How wonderful! You’ve been getting ready too.

Vincent: Yes. I just…

Catherine: Shh.

(They kiss. Catherine only likes to kiss when aroused; she is glad Vincent understands that. Catherine uses her tongue to explore Vincent’s cleft; she feels a surge of desire from his body as she does so. They spend several minutes undressing each other. Catherine delights in running her hands through his chest fur. Vincent runs a rose over her naked body; Catherine shivers with delight. Suddenly, she feels Vincent’s arousal through the Bond; soon it would overwhelm him.)

Vincent: Catherine, I…

Catherine: I know, my love. Just trust me.

(She pulls Vincent down. She gently wraps her hand around his erect organ and starts stroking.)

Catherine: His shaft is so hard; I can feel the individual blood vessels on it (tracing them with her fingertips). I can feel the blood pulsing through them…it’s getting faster as I do this…he’s denied himself for so long, I am so wickedly enjoying this!

 (As she senses Vincent losing control, Catherine places her mouth on the soft tip. After several minutes, Vincent roars with pleasure as Catherine sucks him dry. They rest for several minutes. Vincent feels Catherine’s growing calm, her…disappointment. He starts rubbing her shoulders. Soon, he is caressing her breasts, her thighs. Catherine reaches out and starts stroking Vincent’s organ again. Obeying her unspoken desire, Vincent lies on his back. Catherine reaches into her bag and pulls out a tube of lubricant. She spreads a dollop onto the tip; its slight chill makes it all the harder. Catherine mounts Vincent’s body and lowers herself onto him.)

(Vincent’s size, and the long time since she has been with a man, make it very difficult, despite her preparations. Vincent reaches up and caresses her breasts; he plays with the tips of her nipples, his hard claws bringing gasps of desire from her. Slowly, inch by inch, she takes Vincent into her. Finally, she settles onto him, and he fills her completely. She starts, slowly at first, then faster, until she reaches a powerful climax. Catherine lays on Vincent’s chest and rests, careful not to separate their bodies – she had waited too long for this, and doesn’t want it to end. After a while, she senses a tiny spark, like a candle in the distance – she recognizes Vincent’s desire.) 

Catherine: We don’t need words – we can feel the other’s needs. (Catherine’s tongue darts out and plays with Vincent’s nipple. Suddenly, Catherine is forced to sit upright again.) Wow – he’s so large. It’s like being astride a broom handle. 

(Catherine stretches; she smiles as she senses Vincent’s pleasure from the act.)

(Vincent reaches up and caresses Catherine’s breasts again. He senses how much she enjoys his hard claws on the tips of her nipples, and smiles at the gasps he produces. He suddenly removes his hands…)

Catherine: I’m ready, darling…please, more!

(Vincent places his hands around her waist – then effortlessly starts lifting her up and down his hard shaft!)

Catherine: VINCENT! I-I NEVER DREAMED! He’s sensing my needs, rubbing me where I need it – he’s pleasing me, but he’s in total control. He’s getting off on it…I’m his love slave again…OOOHHH  YESSSSSSS……………

(Several more minutes of up and down effort on Vincent’s shaft…)

Vincent: GGGRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!………..

(Catherine rests on him for several minutes, enjoying the afterglow, and the curious sense of feeling satisfaction in both her own body and in another’s. Finally, she climbs down and removes several items from her bag. Together, they enter the pool and soap each other up, then allow the waterfall to wash themselves clean; Vincent lies back down and gently pulls Catherine beside him, breathing her scent. Soon, Catherine starts to shiver from the Tunnels’ natural coolness; Vincent totally envelops her tiny body in his warm, furry embrace. They soon pull the blankets over themselves. )

Vincent: That was wonderful, my love, and I know you enjoyed it too. How bad is the soreness?

Catherine: It’s OK. Next time, I think you’ll be able to take me from behind.

Vincent: As you wish.

Catherine: (Smiling) Vincent! The Princess Bride! You remembered how much I enjoy that movie.

Vincent: Yes, I thought we might fall asleep thinking about it; then we could have another shared dream…

Catherine: But – I’ve always thought of you as Fezik; the Princess doesn’t sleep with him.

Vincent: She does when I tell it.


The End