A Thanksgiving to Remember

By Margaret Noel

Looking around the great hall Mary smiled fondly at the assembled group. They were gathered for their Thanksgiving feast. In front of each person was a dish they had personally selected for the occasion.

Rising to her feet she addressed the group. " I am so glad we could all be together for this joyous occasion, tunnel dwellers and helper's alike. I think it would be nice if we now went around the table and had each person tell us what dish they selected and why."

Looking to the head of the table she continued "Father why don't we start with you"

Clearing his throat, Father looked a little uncomfortable, but replied never the less. " I am aware that you brought salsa because you know how much I enjoy it. Knowing this I have a spicy enchilada and it's been years since I've had anything spicy. I would love to dip it in your salsa."

Mary blushed, as several of the tunnel teens snickered. Father quickly sat down.

Regaining her composure, Mary quickly continued "Vincent perhaps you should tell us what you brought."

"Polish sausage" he replied "The kind that is well aged and stiff"

Hearing his answer Catherine, who was seated next to him, giggled. Taking in Mary's shocked expression Catherine spoke. Looking at Vincent she held up one of the two bowls before her. "I was hoping you might like to dip your sausage in my hot sauce and maybe after you would like some chocolate fondue, after all, everything tastes better dipped in chocolate."

And so it went. It seemed everyone had a double meaning in his or her menu. Even Jamie had offered crackers to Mouse if he would let her nibble on his cheese. In a desperate attempt to stop the down ward spiral of the dinner Mary frantically fanned herself as she looked around to find someone whose dish could not be construed as anything other then food.

"WILLIAM!" Mary exclaimed, relief clearly written on her face. "That is a very fancy platter. What have you prepared for us?"

With a flourish he removed the lid. "Roast Raccoon!" he announced with delight. Looking pointedly at Mouse he continued, "I warned you what would happen if you didn't keep that thieving varmint out of my kitchen."

Mary fainted.

The end