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Earth, Wind, and Fire

Spring, 2001

Rating: R

Size: 104 pages

Art Information: Art by Renate Haller

Ordering Information: UK£5 Europe £6 USA $16 Australia $18. Sylvia Brookfield, 14 Wincham Road, Sale, Cheshire. England. M33 4PL. Payment: USA and Australia: Dollars only as checques cannot be cashed in the U.K. Overseas prices are quoted on Surface Mail only estimated delivery 6 - 8 weeks. For Airmail please add an extra $5 per fanzine. UK and Europe: Checkques/PO/ and Eurocheques in BG Pounds made payable to Sylvia Brookfield. No cash please except US Dollars from Europe if preferred. UK & Europe please allow 28 days for delivery. As of May 2001, Currently only available on floppy disk and are produced without art. Each floppy disk however is priced completely half of the fanzine price quoted.

Additional Information: Note: Many to most of the stories in this zine first appeared in other zines and are also available on the internet. Titles shown with an * are stories that were received as an idea or in note form and have been enhanced by Wendy De-Veryard with the writer's permission. "Winter's Kiss" by Nancy Knauff, "Lion Pride" by Annik Perrot, "Samson and Delight Her" by Carol Thompson, "The Gift" by Lori Brown, "Lionhearted" by Beth Gualda, "2.38 a.m." by Bee Drew, "You Can't Run Away From Love" by Elizabeth Sherring*, "Ozymandias Revisited" by Jessica Sher, "The Four of Rods by Edith Crowe.


Echoes of the Heart

Rhonda Collins

November 1994


Rating: PG-13

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 104 p of small typeset type in columns, much art.

Art information: Art by Kevin Barnes, Rosemarie Hauer; Jan Durr; Sally Perkins, Sandy Chandler Shelton, and Felicia Coffee, a student of Jan's.

Ordering Information: $20 U.S., $21 Can., $25 ELSE. Rhonda Collins, 4511 Allegheny, San Antonio, Texas 78229

Additional Information: This Classic zine retells and expands on two series episodes: "Terrible Savior" and "Siege." In the former, Catherine tries to get over her fears that Vincent may truly be a beast; in the latter, she begins to face the realization that Vincent may be a man...with a man's romantic expectations of her. A subplot involving Mouse's refusal to move to allow the construction of an aqueduct. Poems by the author provide headnotes for each chapter.


The Edge of the Abyss

Sharon Monroe



Rating: PG

Size: digest, very tiny print.

Art information: Applied color pix cover.

Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: Novel featuring Brigit O'Donnell.



Embrace the Night

by Debbie Ristick & Anita Hoosen

May 1991


Rating: R

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 206 p, small print.

Art information: Much art.

Ordering Information: Unknown.

Additional Information: Stories and poetry. All Classic, mostly 1st and 2nd season. Several consummation stories ; one alternate 3rd season story, "Embrace the Night," by Anita Hoosen and Debbie Ristick.


Emotional Fires

Author: Marilyn Preston

Editor: Betty Mills

October 1992



Size:; 8 1/2 x 11, 164 p,, typescript with double-spaced paragraphs.

Art information: Occasional art by Robert Ferguson, Mark Cobbold and Peter Woods.

Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: Contacted by his aunt, Rachel, V learns of his origins...and that he's heir to a fair-sized fortune. Ex-tunnel-brat TL, a Devin-ish character and an undercover cop, is attracted to Lana (sic) but isn't sure he wants a permanent commitment. There are beginnings of romance between Rachel and Joe Maxwell, despite the age difference. Some romance, lots of foreplay, some explicit sex.


Emotional Fires 2

Marilyn Preston

ed. Betty Mills

October 1992


Rated R-X

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 274 p, typescript with double spaced paragraphs.

Art information: Occasional art by Robert Ferguson, Mark Cobbold and Penny Sutton.

Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: Continues the story from EF1. Rachel, V's aunt, forms a romantic relationship with Joe, who's troubled by a mysterious escaped lunatic and a mysterious missing child. Meanwhile V/C approach their nuptials by slow, difficult stages and contemplate moving into a topside house. There's a lot of explicit sex among various couples. Invented character TL continues.


Eternity in an Hour

Linda Mooney & Lucy Green

October 1990


Rating: PG-13

Size: digest, 56 p, some art.

Art information:

Ordering Information:http://www.macwombat.com/

Additional Information: This zine is packed with short stories, chiefly Classic. Two stories feature Diana: in one, Vincent makes the dismaying acquaintance of peanut butter; in the other, Diana goes to London in a matter involving Pope (Gabriel's lieutenant). No overt romance.



Becky Bain

September 1993



Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 142 p, sparse art.

Art information: Cover art by Shirley Leonard, inside art by Leonard and Phyllis Berwick.

Ordering Information: Out of print. Content loaded to The Beauty and the Beast Reading Chamber.

Additional Information: This zine contains two longish stories and one shorter one by Bain, half of the zine writing team Lee Kirkland (of the Quantum Beast and Where the Rainbow Ends series). "O Never Star" has C taking advantage of the nurse's momentary carelessness to escape from Gabriel's custody. Part one is an account, first of her escape, then hiding, continually on the move, until the birth of her son. Part two dramatizes the years on the run, with frightening near-misses with Gabriel's agents--known or suspected. In "No Greater Love," V is Paracelsus' captive and on the edge of giving in to the Beast, as Paracelsus apparently intends. In the final story, "Unrequited," C deals with the unwanted adoration of Josh McKenzie, new recruit to the DA's office, without letting Josh know anything about V.


Eternity II--I Shall Emerge

Becky Bain

May 1995


Rating: PG-13

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 183 p, some art.

Art information: Cover, interior art, and graphics by Shirley Leonard.

Ordering Information: Out of print. Content loaded to The Beauty and the Beast Reading Chamber.

Additional Information: This novel is a continuation of "O Never Star" in Eternity I, in which Catherine fled Gabriel, bore her child alone, and stayed in hiding for three years before venturing back to the tunnels and Vincent. Now, after their rapturous but uneasy reunion, Catherine makes the difficult decision to become a witness against John Moreno. The bulk of the novel is an account of her enduring a new captivity, that of a highly protected witness.


Eternity III: Collected Dreams

Becky Bain

July 1997

Rating: PG-13


Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 132p, typeset in smallish type.

Art information: Cover art only.

Ordering Information: For pricing and availiblity, email Becky Bain at rbain@uswest.net

Additional Information: Seven Classic stories. In "Lost," after a highway accident while returning from a vacation, injured Vincent is helped and sheltered by a sympathetic rural teenager while Catherine and helpers search for him. In "Flung Roses," Vincent suffers selective amnesia after a head injury and one of the memories he loses utterly is that of wife Catherine. In "Asunder," Vincent and Catherine's honeymoon is disrupted by her abduction by another community Below.


An Ever Fixed Mark

ed. by Brenda Boyd

March 1991


Rating: PG-13/borders on mild R

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 142 p, huge margins, wide floral borders, in script type.

Art information: Color cover by Boyd; one piece of interior art (by Boyd).

Ordering Information: Unknown.

Additional Information: Collection of SND/Catherine-as-a-ghost 4th season short stories. Most of the zine consists of the first two installments of a novel, "An Ever Fixed Mark," by Boyd in which Catherine returns in another woman's body. More fiction by Boyd, including "Ruled by Fate," an alternate universe story in which Catherine is the different one; and "The Night Will More Than Pay," by Joan Chesman, in which Vincent, over his remaining lifetime, is comforted by meeting Catherine in his dreams. Some sex scenes get quite specific; a mild R rating might be more appropriate.


An Ever Fixed Mark II

ed. by Brenda Boyd

Date unknown


Rating: Unknown

Size: Unknown

Art information: Unknown

Ordering Information: Unknown.

Additional Information: Classic story concerning Vincent's background.