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'Neath the Sidewalks of New York 1

ed. by Margaret Basta and Jan Feldman



Rating: R

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 188 p, small print.

Art information: Sparse art.

Ordering Information: Unknown.

Additional Information: Includes two B&B/Equalizer crossover stories by Basta. In the first ("In the Dark Hour"), Robert McCall is Catherine's lover before Vincent first visited her balcony. In the second ("McCall of the Wild"), McCall encounters Vincent on a case. Another story is "Come--Dare the Silver Mirror" by R. Dean Becker, a sensual followup to the Trilogy (probable source of the R rating) and prelude to the Tales from the Tapestry zines (which see). Also includes a Remington Steele crossover story by Basta.


'Neath the Sidewalks of New York 2 - Vinnie, Vidi, Vici

Margaret Basta and Jan Feldman



Rating: mild R

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 188 p, small print.

Art information: Applied color picture cover, sparse art (Gerda Eackelaert).

Ordering Information: Unknown.

Additional Information: A4th season SND B&B/Equalizer crossover novel. A dramatization of the Catherine-in-the-witness-protection-program scenario, involving(besides the Equalizer crew) Vinnie Terranova of Wiseguy, Elliot and others. McCall has a ring (like Gabriel's), Vincent and Diana have become lovers before Catherine's return, and Catherine has amnesia.


New Beginnings, New Dreams

Avril Bowles

Date: Unknown

O (Elliot)

Rating unknown

Size: novella

Art information: One full-size piece of art by Rosemarie Hauer and one small piece by Renate Haller.

Ordering Information: Write to Avril Bowles, 20 Bearwood Gardens, Fleet, Hampshire GU51 3QU, England, or contact author by e-mail atavril.bowles@virgin.net.

Additional Information: From the author: "When Elliot was shot on the wharf that night for betraying Gabriel, you thought he was dead, didn't you? Well no way! Find out what happened to him in this dramatic and romantic novella. "Story continued in the sequel Rescue, Reunion and Fulfillment(which see).


New Patterns in the Tapestry See: Tales From the Tapestry 3


The Next Waltz See:...Shall Have No Dominion



Patrick C. Twain.

April, 1992


Rating: PG-13,

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 201 p, no interior art.

Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: In this 4th season SND novel, C's back from the Witness Protection program and V/D are engaged to be married! Although there's occasional sex, it's not graphic.


Night of Love

Deborah Nockels

August, 1990


Rating: R

Size: 8 1/2 x 11, 21 p, clear medium type, no art.

Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: Concerns what Vincent and Catherine did in the cave after Catherine yelled, "Vincent!" 


None But the Heart Alone

Katrina Relf

Date Unknown


Rating: Unknown

Size: Unknown

Art Information: Unknown

Ordering Information: Write to Katrina Relf, 106 St. Mary's Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 8EG England.

Additional Information: What were Vincent's thoughts and fears as he descended into darkness in "The Rest is Silence"? This is the trilogy told from Vincent's point of view.


No Shadow of Another 1

ed. by Marie Tillott and Jenny Bozovic

September 1991

V/C/D (friend)

Rating: PG

Size: 8 1/4 x 11 1/4, 164 p, clean typescript with double-spaced paragraphs, much art, color cover.

Art information: Art by Lynn Henricks, Kathy Fidge, Marie Tillott.

Ordering Information: Out of Print

Additional Information: Some of the stories are post-third season, but although Diana appears in some of them, it's only in a context of friendship, the focus being Catherine's return, either having miraculously survived, or as a ghost, or inhabiting Diana's body once Diana no longer has any need of it, having been attacked (and presumably killed) in the park. Other stories are set earlier in the series. Much of the fiction here is vignettes. Tillott's "Brotherly Love" has Charles' brother Eddie abducting Catherine and a severely injured Vincent; Bozovic's "Always" reworks material from "Though Lovers Be Lost..." in a way that avoids Catherine's abduction and allows her to tell Vincent her glad news of the coming baby. In Lynda Jones' story "A New Beginning" comatose Catherine revives and is reunited with Vincent. Also poems by Glenys Walker and Elaine Mills.


No Shadow of Another 2

Authors: Sue Portier, Robert Mirnik, Glenys Walker, Asanovski, Joan Larkin, Marie Tillott, Jenny Bozovic, Joan Larkin, Edwina Harvey, Elaine Mills, Anne George. Poetry by Asanovski and Joan Larkin.

ed. by Marie Tillott and Jenny Bozovic

October 1992


Rating: PG

Size: 8 1/4 x 11 1/4, 183 p, clean typescript, some typeset, with double-spaced paragraphs, much art.

Art information: Kathy Fidge, Lyn Henricks, Georgina Gould.

Ordering Information: Unknown

Additional Information: Some material here("Operation Mousetrap" and "Reebok-Eteer," both by Charlotte Asanovski) was later reprinted in the New Zealand zine, Tales of the Dream. And Robert Mirnik's "Full Circle" was expanded into his zine Reflections. In Sue Portier's "The Dream," a magic amulet gives Vincent a fully human body, but when Catherine is in jeopardy, he finds the Beast is needed, after all. Some of the stories involve third and/or fourth season material, and in some of them, Catherine is dead and stays that way; but there's no mention, anywhere, of Diana.


No Shadow of Another 3

Author/editor Unknown

Date Unknown


Rating: Unknown

Size: Unknown

Art Information: Cover art by Lynn Hendricks

Additional Information: This all-Australian fanzine's stories embrace all three seasons as well as moving beyond them to the realm of what might have been.