The Format




Year of publication

Story focus: Vincent/Catherine/Diana/Other?

Rating: (usually assigned by the authors or editors, but sometimes by Nan)

Size: number of pages, size of zine, typeset info)

Art information: names of contributing artists, sometimes notes on actual content in R/X rated drawings


We strongly suggest writing to the author/editor (enclose a SASE) to see if the given zine is still available before you send a check and get excited. Many of the zines listed here are now out of print and are only available through secondhand sales.

Additional information: Usually a short story blurb appears here (MANY have been written by Nan), along with miscellaneous information that may not fit anywhere else

To clarify some terms:

"Edited by" zine is usually an anthology containing the work of several writers

Classic means the story involves Vincent and Catherine, not Diana (though she may figure as a helper or friend);

SND stories are those in which She's Not Dead: generally alternate 3rd or 4th season stories in which Catherine didn't die (some of these involve Catherine's ghost).

Continued Classic stories deal with Vincent and Catherine and continue, often spinning off from the Trilogy, as though 3rd season never happened.

4th season indicates a given story takes off from the whole series as we know it.

Price and ordering information, extras (such as age statement); US=United States EUR=Europe UK=Britain PAC=Pacific ELSE=Everywhere else; SASE=business sized (#10) self-addressed stamped envelope; who to make the check or money order out to; age statements for R-rated zines are age 18 or over; age statements for X-rated zines are age 21 or over. When in doubt (if the zine merely says it's adult) inform the publisher that you're over 21.

Note: R and X ratings normally indicate that the material contains graphic sex; an X rating indicates the sex is dramatized in full detail, including all pertinent portions of the anatomies of the participants. Occasionally a zine may be rated adult (R/X) for profanity/obscenity or graphic violence, but this is rare in B&B fandom. The ratings, G-X, are solely for the readers' information; they are in no way a reflection on the quality of the writing or of the zine as a whole.